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Each of our specials comes standard with the jumbo all beef and you have the option to upgrade to any of our other sausages​

  • Nathens Jumbo All-Beef (all-beef hot dog) 

  • Zenners Natural Casing All-Beef (East Coast style all-beef wiener)

  • Polish Sausage (beef and pork hot dog)

  • Zenners Bratwurst (all pork white bratwurst)

  • Zenners Smoked Kielbasa (beef and pork sausage)

  • Zenners Smoked German​ (beef and pork sausage with paprika)

  • Zenners Louisiana Hot Link (spicy beef and pork sausage)

  • Zenners Linguisa (beef and pork Portuguese style sausage)

  • The Big Boy- 1.5# Smoked Texas Sausage ( beef and pork sausage)

  • Field Roast Vegan Frankfurter ( vegan dog)

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