harbor haute dogs logo.png
  • The Harbor Dog-Our take on the Seattle dog, warm cream cheese, diced jalapeño, cherry tomato and diced onions

  • The viking dog-Our take on the Icelandic hotdog, ketchup, deli mustard, house-made remoulade sauce, diced onions and crispy fried onions

  • The 38th Parallel-Named after the line that separates north and south Korea, this dog has house-made gochujang mayo, kimchi and toasted sesame seeds

  • Chili Dog-Our home-made Cincinnati style chili topped with sharp cheddar cheese and diced onions

  • The Goober-Our house-made Cincinnati style chili topped with creamy peanut butter, raspberry jam and cheddar cheese

  • The Chi-Town-The iconic Chicago dog with yellow mustard, dill relish, diced onions, pickle spear, tomato and celery seed 

  • The Greek-Our house-made tzatziki sauce, diced onion, tomato, and feta cheese and chives

  • The Pesto Dog-Our house-made basil pesto sauce, sun-dried tomatoes and toasted provolone cheese

  • The Rangoon Dog-Warm cream cheese, sweet Thai chili sauce, crispy wontons, toasted sesame seeds and green onions

  • The Reuben Dog-Our house-made 1000 island mayo, caraway seed sauerkraut and Swiss cheese

  • The Classic American-The classic hot dog topped with ketchup, yellow mustard, dill or sweet relish and diced onions

  • Banh Mi-mayo, garlic chili sauce, cucumber spear, pickled carrot and daikon, cilantro, sriracha, sesame oil, jalapeño, green onion, Lime juice, sesame seeds

  • Tahoma-Warm cream cheese, Gochujang sauce, pickled carrot and daikon, sriracha, lime juice, toasted sesame oil and cilantro

  • The Tsunami-Warm cream cheese, our homemade Cincinnati chili, onions and cheddar cheese

  • The Tatanka- Warm cream cheese, ranch seasoning, buffalo sauce, diced celery, blue cheese crumbles.

  • The Ramen Dog- Warm cream cheese, crispy ramen noodles, chicken seasoning, sriracha, green onion

  • Kentucky Nacho Dog- Nacho Cheese, pulled pork, onions, pickled jalapeño, bbq sauce

  • Crackling Derby- Homemade pimento cheese, pork rinds

  • Backyard BBQ- Pulled pork, Coleslaw, bbq sauce

  • Berserker- chili, spicy remoulade, onions, fried onions

  • Mjolnir- mashed potatoes, Swedish meatball gravy, lingonberry jam

  • The 1/2 baked- chili, fritos, Doritos and easy cheese

  • The Seattle Dog- Warm cream cheese, grilled onions and jalapeño

  • The Rad Thai- Smooth peanut butter, mayo, pad thai sauce, garlic chili sauce, cucumber spear, lime juice